College of Agriculture, Engineering
and Science (CAES)


Professor Albert Modi

Dear colleagues,

The recent notice about performance of UKZN staff on research outputs in 2017 indicates the excellence of our College. The University categorized researchers into the total list, young researchers and postgraduates, respectively.

Evidence shows that 90% (9 out 10) of the top 10 researchers came from CAES. Of the top 30, the majority 70% (21/30) came from CAES. Half (50%) of the top 10 young researchers (40 years or younger) came from CAES. Half (50%) of the top 10 postgraduate researchers also came from CAES. Overall, this makes our College the best performer with respect to the 2017 research outputs. I am sure that this is also true when all (the total) research outputs are considered. Download the full list of top researchers here.

Our success comes from the ethos of teamwork in this family of CAES. This is the effort of both academic and support staff combined. It is an indication of the impact of our research partnerships nationally and internationally. Without our funders, we would not be such significant players in the world’s contribution to knowledge. Knowledge contributes to skills and, in the end, helps the Earth to be habitable comfortably. It helps us protect the Earth, its land, water and all living organisms. 

It helps us learn more about the Earth and universe. That way, we can further protect existing successes of our ancestors as humanity. It helps us become innovative. Truly, our College has a great potential to lead the UKZN research flagships: SOCIAL COHESION:  Addressing Inequality and Promoting Nation Building; AFRICAN HEALTH: Saving Lives; BIG DATA AND INFORMATICS:  Computing Solutions; AFRICAN CITY OF THE FUTURE: Most Livable Cities.

A legitimate (soccer) goal is scored when all of the ball crosses the line between the goal posts. Hitting the back of the net is a commendable flare to epitomise the great effort of the super striker – the one who shoots quickly while still maintaining accuracy. A goal is scored with a team effort. Well done and congratulations to all our CAES staff (academic and support equally). We shall continue to make our Research Office and UKZN proud.

Professor Albert Modi

Deputy Vice-Chancellor
College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science
University of KwaZulu-Natal