College of Agriculture, Engineering
and Science (CAES)

Data@breakfast webinar: COVID-19 DATA AND TRENDS. THE DEVIL IN THE DETAILS – 30 JULY 2021

Abstract:This talk will look at the various COVID-19 metrics and the trends in the data. The
trends in confirmed cases, testing, hospitalisations and deaths will be looked at a national
level, as well as per province. Specific focus will be given on the limitations and nuances in
the data, highlighting the importance of focusing on trends in data rather than individual data
points or anyone specific metric

Bio:Ridhwaan is a senior researcher in the Operational Intelligence Impact Area within the
NextGen Enterprises and Institutions cluster of the CSIR. He holds a PhD in Applied
Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. He also has a background in engineering,
with Bachelors, Honours and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering, as well as
experience working in the Aeronautics and Defence Industry. His research involves the
modelling and design of physical systems within the computational mechanics domain, using
computational tools and physics to better understand and design these systems. More
recently, he has been involved with the analysis of COVID-19 data and trends in South
Africa, using this analysis and data to drive and inform decision-making and policy

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The event is finished.