College of Agriculture, Engineering
and Science (CAES)

Registration (Online)

As we prepare to welcome our cohort of returning and first-entry students, a lot of careful planning has gone into our registration processes in order to provide all students, but especially our prospective students with relevant registration information and options for online support.

Please take note that ALL registration processes must be completed online and from remote locations, as there will be no registration services and/or registration assistance available on any of our campuses.

The online registration system has been set up to cater for all aspects of the registration processes; including accepting offers; change of mind; applications for re-admission; counselling as required (academic, curriculum and/or personal); financial clearance; registration for residence, and final academic registration.

There will be no registration service and/or assistance available on any of our campuses. Students and applicants are implored not to come onto campus, as unregistered persons will not be allowed onto any of our campuses, and no in-person assistance will be available.

>> All the registration info you need to know can be found here

The event is finished.