College of Agriculture, Engineering
and Science (CAES)

The infusion of SDGs in Science and Engineering

Join us as we discuss how SDGs should be integrated into multiple academic disciplines and how an academic institution can be a driving force to the UN SDGs 2030 Agenda.

Presenter biographies:

Prof Naven Chetty

Prof Naven Chetty holds a Ph.D. in experimental and computational molecular optics (2009) from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). He is the current Dean of Teaching and Learning in the College of Agriculture, Engineering, and Science, responsible for a practical pedagogical approach in the College. Prof Chetty’s research interest lies in optics, specifically biomedical and atmospheric optics, with a sub-focus on environmental/health physics and physics education. The research group is concerned with developing tissue phantoms and protocols for laser applications and understanding the turbulent effects of a propagating laser beam in air. He is currently leading a Project to Establish a Working Baseline Data on Monitoring Environmental Contamination by Natural radiation and the Risks to Humans” using transdisciplinary techniques to improve livelihoods and protect the environment. He has supervised 8 doctoral and 16 Master’s students (with 2 sum ma cum laude and 7 cum laude) and published over 47 publications and 12 conference proceedings. He is a Senior Member of the Optical Society of America and sits on the editorial board of Open Physics Journal. He currently supervises several doctoral and master’s students in Biomedical and Applied/Experimental physics.

Dr Boby Varghese

Dr Boby Varghese is currently the Head of the Centre for Academic Success in Science and Engineering at UKZN, which runs the science and engineering access programmes and academic monitoring and support programmes in the College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science. His area of research includes the conservation of orthodox and recalcitrant plant germ plasm. His research looks at mechanisms in desiccation sensitivity/tolerance in plant tissues. He is involved in various academic development initiatives, including the PUAT project on the infusion of SDGs in undergraduate curriculum.

All academic, professional, and technical staff associated with supporting student success are encouraged to attend.

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