“Superfood” Sweet Potato has Enhanced Nutritional Value

Ms Sonia Naidoo can now add the title of doctor to her name after completing a PhD in Plant Breeding in which she bred new sweet potato varieties with enhanced nutritional value she hopes will contribute to fighting poverty, malnutrition and food insecurity. A professional development student at the Agricultural Research Council’s Vegetable and Ornamental

PhD Graduate Completes Doctoral Team

Dr Laurencia Govender was awarded her doctorate at UKZN’s virtual Spring Graduation, bringing the number of full-time PhD staff members in UKZN’s discipline of Dietetics and Human Nutrition up to its full complement of seven. Govender, who completed her undergraduate degree, postgraduate diploma and Master’s degree in Dietetics at UKZN, investigated the potential of the

Laser Beam Research Leads to Cum Laude MSc

When Mr Gareth Enoch studied Geography in high school, he became passionate about the atmosphere and longed to learn more about the nature and properties of matter and energy. Fast forward several years, and Enoch has now graduated with a Master of Science degree in Physics cum laude from UKZN. ‘Having completed my BSc and

South African Vegans Under the Spotlight

Ms Sansha Kohidh earned a Master’s degree in Dietetics for research she did into aspects of what is involved in a vegan diet in South Africa, including dieters’ motives for making the lifestyle choice, challenges they faced and the nutritional quality of the diet. ‘A vegan diet is plant-based and excludes meat and animal products.

Wheat Breeding Leads to Drought Tolerance

Dr Zamalotshwa Thungo is the proud holder of a PhD in Crop Science gained through UKZN’s African Centre for Crop Improvement (ACCI) for research she did into developing new varieties of drought-tolerant wheat that possess quality traits desirable for breeding. Successful in developing new wheat populations, Thungo’s work earned her various scholarships throughout her studies

MAgric Teaches “Old Dog” New Tricks!

Seasoned irrigation technician, Mr Danie le Roux has rebooted his academic career using his considerable experience and skill to complete a Master of Agriculture (MAgric) degree in Agricultural Extension and Rural Resource Management (AERRM) at UKZN based on research that explored problems with collective irrigation schemes and developing farmers. Le Roux completed his Diploma in

Life Science Teacher Awarded PhD, Now Set on Postdoc Research

Durban’s Thomas More College was proud to announce that it now has a new doctor in the house – Life Science teacher, Gary Robson, who was awarded his PhD in Biological Sciences at UKZN’s Spring Graduation ceremony. ‘For my PhD, UKZN was a natural choice as the animals I wanted to study are endemic to

Canada Trip Leads to MSc

Ms Gugulethu Tshabalala, an intern project manager at the Duzi-uMngeni Conservation Trust (DUCT) in Pietermaritzburg, graduated from UKZN with a Master’s degree in Environmental Science for research conducted at Fountainhill Estate (FHE) near Wartburg, which explored the impact of land use practices on sediment yields and nutrient loads on grasslands and maize crops. Gugulethu’s work

Son Fulfils Promise Made to Dying Father

Mr Bayanda Sonamzi was awarded his MSc degree in Ecological Sciences from UKZN – fulfilling the commitment he made to his dying father. Said Sonamzi: ‘My late father, Mr Mthumeni “Ncanes” Sonamzi, was and still is my hero. To him I say:  RIP Sir… I’ve done what I promised you on your death bed.’ Describing

Childhood Interest in Reptiles Progresses into Doctoral Degree

Since a child, Dr Cormac Price has been fascinated by reptiles and amphibians even though he was born and raised in Ireland which has no snakes – ‘just one native lizard, one introduced range-restricted legless lizard species, one frog, one toad, one newt, and occasionally rarely seen visiting sea turtles in Irish waters!’ he quipped.