College of Agriculture, Engineering
and Science (CAES)

UKZN students interacting with the Telkom team at the Student Entrepreneurship Week.

UKZN InQubate has, through its ENSPIRE programme (Entrepreneurship Skills Programme), facilitated a partnership with Sigma International to pilot a first of its kind Student Income Generator Project. Sigma International, a specialist enterprise development organisation based in Durban, is a Master Dealer to Telkom.

This six-month project will see 100 students from all five UKZN campuses receive sales training and practical experience, including the opportunity to work (on a part-time basis) via the selling of Telkom innovative range of products. The intention is to facilitate an active learning process for the students and to ensure they gain face-to-face sales training and experience.

In return, students will participate in a “league” for approximately four months and be paid a commission for successful sales achieved. In addition, top performers will earn incentives as a reward for their great initiative. The benefit for students is that this will provide them with an opportunity to earn extra income, receive the necessary sales and entrepreneurial coaching, and gain relevant and practical workplace (sales-specific) experience.

To date, 64 students across all UKZN campuses have been successfully recruited onto the programme, while a further 100 students expressed interest in the opportunity during UKZN’s Student Entrepreneurship Week held towards the end of July 2018. Implementation of the project has gone “live” since 17 July 2018.

Director of UKZN InQubate, Ms Suvina Singh, said that these are the types of relationships the University is striving to create with industry to ensure that its students are receiving practical opportunities to help them develop entrepreneurial skills and boost their relevance in industry.

For more information on the programme, contact Yushvir Maharaj, Telkom Sales Manager, at 031 201 0788, or contact Simphiwe Mntambo, Student Entrepreneurship Officer, at / 031 260 2015.

Words: Suvina Singh