College of Agriculture, Engineering
and Science (CAES)

Inaugural Lectures


Prof Dean Goldring

Prof Thomas Konrad

DPhil (Zimbabwe), BSc (Dundee)

Marvellous Meanderings with Malaria Parasites, Proteins and Teaching

PhD, MSc, Diploma of Imperial College, Dipl.Phys

Three Theses on Quantum Information Processing
and Communication

Prof Kavilan Moodley

Prof Ursula Scharler

BSc Hons (UCT), MSc (Natal), PhD (Cantab)

A Cosmic Odyssey

BSc (Salzburg), BScHons, PhD (UPE)

What Makes Ecosystems Resilient and Persist Over Time?

Prof Fhatuwani Mudau

Prof Johnson Lin

PhD (Horticultural Sciences)

Herbal Teas as a Strategic Focus Area for the National Industry Policy Framework: Potential Prospects for Future Industrialisation

PhD (SUNY at Buffalo), BSc (National Tsing Hua University)

Saving the Environment – Using the Little Things

Prof Genene Mola

Prof Moganavelli Singh

PhD (Bonn), MSc (Addis Ababa), BSc 

Thin Film Polymer Solar Cells as an Alternative Source of Renewable Energy: Progress and Challenges

PhD (Biochemistry), MSc (Biochemistry), BSc Hons (Biochemistry), BSc (Biochemistry & Microbiology)

From Clusters to Stars – It’s All About Delivery

Prof Shaun Ramroop

Prof Naven Chetty

PhD (Statistics), MSc (Statistics), BSc Hons (Statistics), BSs (Applied Mathematics & Statistics)

Missing Data within the Ambit of Flexible Statistical Modelling

PhD (Physics), BSc Hons (Physics), BSc (Computational Physics)

Unlocking a New Generation of Physicists – What the Future Holds 

Prof Oluwatosin Mewomo

Prof Ignatius Nsahlai

PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons)

Notions of Amenability in Banach Algebras and
Fixed Point Theory: A Career in Two Parts

PhD (Reading), PGDip, BSc Maitrise (Yaoundé)

Seemingly Seamless? Roughage intake by Ruminants


Prof Shahidul Islam

Prof Werner van Zyl

PhD (Okayama, Japan), MSc (Dhaka), BSc Hons

A Tale of a Neglected Pandemic

PhD (Texas A&M University), MSc (RAU), BSc Hons

Inorganic Molecules and Materials: A Career in Two Parts

Prof Hussein Shimelis

Prof Vincent Nyamori

PhD (Free State), MSc (Wageningen), BScAgric (Haramaya)

Empowering Public Sector Plant Breeding in Africa

FSACI, FRSC, PhD (NMMU), MSc (UPE), BSc Hons, BSc (Egerton)

From Sandwiches and Piano Stools to Devices

Prof Andrew Green

Prof Sudan Hansraj

PhD (Marine Geology), MSc (Marine Geology),BSc Hons (Environmental Science), BSc (Geology & Geography)

From Coelacanths to Crocodiles: Renewing SA’s Place in Marine Geoscience

PhD, MSc (Natal), BSc Hons (UNISA), SED (Springfield)

Einstein’s General Relativity: The next level