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Mr Siyabonga Dubazana who is currently registered for a PhD.

A Passion for Pure Mathematics

Mr Siyabonga Dubazana received his Master’s in Science specialising in Pure Mathematics cum laude.

Dubazana was always fascinated by abstract concepts and fell in love with Algebra and Topology while pursuing his honours studies. His master’s research fell under the broad theory of Pure Mathematics, specifically Point-set Topology. It investigated the classes of topological spaces called “J-spaces” that resemble some aspects of the famous Jordan Curve Theorem. He introduced new classes of topological spaces that generalise J-spaces and proved several new theorems, thus contributing to the Theory of Typology.

‘Siyabonga’s work revolved around “J-spaces”, a class of topological spaces that was introduced by a prominent mathematician by the name of Ernest Michael in the year 2000. Siyabonga investigated and identified new properties and characterisations of these spaces and their variants and obtained a number of new results,’ said his supervisor Dr Simo Mthethwa.

Dubazana is currently registered for a PhD under Mthethwa’s supervision. His future plans include conducting postdoctoral research abroad or locally, with the ultimate dream of becoming a research professor in Mathematics.

‘My master’s journey was wonderful. I obtained a merit scholarship from UKZN and a National Research Foundation scholarship. I also got a chance to participate in a research visit with my supervisor to the University of Eswatini,’ he said. He thanked his lecturers, family, friends and fellow postgraduate students for their support.

Words: Leena Rajpal

Photograph: Supplied