College of Agriculture, Engineering
and Science (CAES)

Ms Anathi Nkayi graduates with her Masters in Biology with her friends at her side

Student’s Success Rooted in Struggle and Determination

Ms Anathi Nkayi’s greatest achievement was graduating with a Master of Science degree. ‘Graduating with my masters feels like the end of a long journey that required dedication and constant motivation,’ she said.

A student of the School of Life Science, Nkayi recalled that her choice of career path stemmed from a need to save the planet. ‘At university I became fascinated with applying concepts of conservation in a unique way (cryo-preservation), which then became the focus of my studies,’ she said.

Nkayi endured a tough journey to her graduation, working several jobs to pay for her studies while juggling a full academic load. She also fell ill during her studies and required treatment. ‘I had to learn to take care of myself while again staying on top of my school work’, she recalled. Her biggest setback was the death of her mother. ‘I lost my motivation, but I knew that I needed to carry on as my mom was my biggest motivator,’ she said.

Each of these hardships tested, taught and strengthened Nkayi, ultimately inspiring greatness within her. ‘I hope those who read my story will be inspired to do great things in their own lives,’ she said.

Nkayi’s advice to fellow students pursuing degrees, was to prioritise their schoolwork and not get carried away with their ‘little freedom’, live a balanced life but not be afraid to miss out on social events as it was worth it in the end.

Words: Sashlin Girraj