College of Agriculture, Engineering
and Science (CAES)

Summa Cum Laude Degree in the Bag for Talented Student

Gaming and sports fanatic with a passion for maths and science, Mr Nikhiel Bansi has graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Chemical Engineering) degree, summa cum laude.

Bansi says he always enjoys a challenge. ‘I found Chemical Engineering combined all of my interests, and is an enabler for change in society. UKZN is one of the highest-rated South African universities in engineering and the sciences, so it was an obvious choice for me.’

Bansi, the winner of the 2018 Best Third Year Chemical Engineering Student Award, is currently studying towards an MSc Chemical Engineering degree, with his research topic on the kinetic modelling of alkene metathesis. ‘The understanding of alkene metathesis opens up doors for the production of chemicals using greener, less energy intensive methods,’ he explained.

What motivated him to pursue this research and career field? ‘During my undergraduate years, I found that I had a strong interest in problem solving and simulation. These areas have immense importance, and will become even more significant as technology progresses.

‘Concerning my future plans, I will try to put my skills to use in innovative ways to make a difference in society,’ he said.

Words: Zolile Duma

Photograph:  Supplied