College of Agriculture, Engineering
and Science (CAES)

Mr Yuvraj Dwarika graduated with his Masters in Mechanical Engineering, supported by his family.

Top Achieving Student Yuvraj Dwarika Graduated with an MSc in Mechanical Engineering!

Mr Yuvraj Dwarika graduated with a Masters in Science in Mechanical Engineering. Dwarika’s research dealt with undertaking and improving a theoretical simulation analysis and implementing a practical system. ‘This system is to measure and capture critical data on the trailer manufactured by Transet Engineering. This will allow a better understanding of loading characteristics of trailers in the port environment and validate the existing design with the data acquired from practical field testing,’ said Dwarika.

The young man attributed his core qualities to the values instilled in him by his parents.  ‘In our lives, everything around us changes, except the consistent qualities within, which makes us an individual, our upbringing and what we choose to value from life’s test and situations,’ said Dwarika. His future plans include obtaining a degree in business management.

Whilst many found pursuing a degree challenging, Dwarika describes his experience as exciting.  ‘There was no assumption for the expected results. However through the work carried out and the guidance from my supervisor, Dr Clinton Bemont, the project was successful.’

In his spare time Dwarika enjoys building and playing with a radio-controlled vehicle while still keeping his interest in engineering and its development by mentoring students pursuing the same profession. His advice to aspiring Engineering students was to have a passion for the profession and understand what it entails early on as the industry is vast. ‘Your development during your degree is the stepping stone to your success. Students should do their utmost to meet the requirements and enjoy studying whilst achieving it.’

Words: Manqoba Hadebe