College of Agriculture, Engineering
and Science (CAES)


If you would like to make any changes to your current registration, please fill out the forms below and send back to the college office.

Forms must be returned to the relevant campus once completed via the email addresses below:

If you have registered in semester 1 for both semesters, you do not need to register for semester 2.

However if you have not yet registered or have been excluded, you need to fill out the readmission application form and send to your college office (see below).

For students needing to make changes to their contact details. 

For students needing to deregister from the University for all modules.

This form should be downloaded and emailed only by transfer students or those who may not view modules online on i-Enabler. All other students must use the online Change of Curriculum form that is already available on the self-help registration i–Enabler on student central.

For students currently registered and needing to change degrees within the College or from another College, and for students needing to change current majors. Please register for modules via self-help registration ONLY after you are informed about the approval of the change of qualification/majors by the college office.

For students needing concession to register for a module without the necessary prerequisite or other exemptions. No change of curriculum forms will be required if concession is approved.

In exceptional circumstances and based on a full motivation, the Dean may relax the registration rules for a particular student.